Don’t forget that according to your signed Contract with the Education Unit, you have agreed to and accepted the following conditions for your sponsorship:

  • attend all courses as scheduled,
  • complete all requirements for each course as scheduled (homework, assignments, tests, exams)
  • submitt a copy of your FINAL GRADES for each semester completed as soon as they are available,
  • submitt a copy of your new SCHEDULE and/or REGISTRATION forms as soon as they are completed,
  • report any changes to my schedule/registration by submitting a copy of the Academic Change form (includes but not limited to adding, deleting courses, program changes and withdrawals).

Something to consider:

 If you have access to this information on the internet, and you provide your online access information to me, I will be able to retrieve these necessary documents here to save on faxing costs. Than all you need do is email that your information is now available on the internet and I login to retrieve the information.

IMPORTANT: If you do not keep the Education Unit informed and submit your required documentation, your sponsorship may be placed “on hold” AND/OR if one or more of the above conditions are not met, your sponsorship may be withdrawn at any time.

ARE YOU CLAIMING DEPENDENTS (children and/or spouse/common-law partner) on your living allowance?


Dependents are defined as:

“Dependent” means a child/children under your care that is under 18 years of age and living with you in your home. You must be claiming the child/children on your income tax and receiving a Child Tax Benefit (or other named child credit program) from the government. Submission of the Child Tax Benefit Summary is required to claim dependents.


Children between the ages of 18 and 20 years may be claimed as a dependent provided they are in your care, living with you in your home, enrolled full-time in high school, are unemployed and not in receipt of any type of social assistance.


“Dependent Spouse” means a spouse or common-law partner that is dependent upon the student and who does not receive income in excess of the level of income allowed for a dependent spouse by Revenue Canada’s Income Tax Regulations.


If you are claiming dependents on your monthly living allowance (spouse/common-law partner and/or child/children), you must submit your latest Child Tax Benefit Summary that is released in July to verify your allowance category. If you do not submit this form, you will be automatically given an allowance equivalent to single student until you have submitted the necessary documentation.

Other Reminders


  • Submit all required documentation as soon as you receive it!


  • Update your address, phone number and email address!


  • If, at any time, you are experiencing any difficulty (academic or personal) that will affect your studies, you must take the first step: ASK FOR HELP from the Post-Secondary Counsellor, your college/university advisor, or your instructor


  • Have you updated your personal information with the GRFN Membership Clerk: Terri – Lynn Tice? (i.e. marital status, address, children, etc.) Email Terri – Lynn Tice. Have you signed and returned your PIPEDA Privacy Consent Form?

  • If you are claiming dependents on your monthly living allowance (spouse and/or children), you must submit your latest Child Tax Benefit Summary that is released in July to verify your allowance category. If you do not submit this form, you will be automatically given an allowance equivalent to single student until you have submitted the necessary documentation.


  • IF YOU ATTENDED FULL-TIME THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER, once you submit your Fall registrations/schedules, you will be eligible to receive an allowance for AUGUST.


  • All CONTINUING STUDENTS that DID NOT ATTEND FULL-TIME throughout the summer and that move out-of-town for the school year, we will automatically provide a $300 assistance on your first cheque (unless requested earlier) to help you offset your costs to either move your belongings back to school and/or pay for your storage costs over the summer.


  • ALL CONTINUING STUDENTS FROM Previous Academic Year…..please make sure that you have sent in a copy of your official final grades from last year….if you don’t, I will not be able to release any sponsorship for you until I have a copy.


  • If you have access to the internet on a regular basis, please help us to cut our postage costs….provide your email address and I will include you on the GR Email Buddies list. I forward information such as employment opportunities, scholarship information and send out reminders and it also makes it a lot easier to communicate after regular work hours.


  • REMEMBER at all times, please keep your address, phone number, and email up-to-date.


  • Once you receive your schedule or timetable you MUST submit it as soon as possible but definitely before you can receive your next schedule monthly allowance.


  • If, at any time, you change your educational plans by either revising your schedule or you had to transfer programs or whatever changes you have made, you must send a copy of the revised information ASAP.


  • You must maintain full-time hours (check with the Registrar’s Office if you are unsure) to be eligible for your monthly allowance. Please check your registration carefully.


  • Please read/review your copy of the GRFN PS Operating Guidelines (given or sent to you when you applied for sponsorship) thoroughly as they outline your responsibilities as a post-secondary student.


If you have any questions or concerns about your education, contact your Post-Secondary Counsellor, Anne Marie Jones.


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