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  • The answer is simple…..YES! If you are expecting to get sponsorship for your studies, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have a new application submitted for the appropriate deadlines.


    The only time that you don’t need to submit a separate application is for Winter —- this means that if you started the school year in September and are scheduled to continue through to the end of the regular school year (April of the next year), then you don’t have to submit a separate application for Winter; your application submitted by the May 15th deadline will cover you for both the Fall and Winter (this eliminates excess paperwork).


What if I am just starting my studies in the Winter semester?

  • YES, you need to submit an application by October 15th deadline.


What if I am not sure that I want to start or continue my studies at college or university yet?

  • You still need to submit an application for sponsorship by the appropriate deadlines IF you want to be sponsored. Then, regardless of your decision, at least you will already be on my list as requiring sponsorship AND if you decide not to attend, you just let me know and you can withdraw from the school (if you had already applied and received your acceptance).


What if I only want to attend on a PART-TIME BASIS?

  • YES, you need to submit an application by the appropriate deadlines. Even if you are only looking at taking one course but still don’t know what course you want to take or if the course will even be offered by the school, YOU NEED TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION!


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